During this lockdown, we as a family had no idea how we will survive this, how we will stay active and healthy and how we will adapt to no school, no sport, no work and no walks and no activities outside our house.

Luckily Sensei JP van Heerden from Boland Dragons kept us sane with online zoom karate classes.

Sensei JP Van Heerden

We as parents was also able to see what they do and how the kids develop and how this training physically helped our kids. (my kid specifically).

As a parent I struggle with health conditions and my main concern was keeping my child active and positive, and Boland Dragons made that possible.

Thank you sensei JP Van Heerden, you have no idea what your zoom classes and youtube tutorials meant for Miane, as well as for us as parents.

Miane live eat dream breath karate. She tried other outside sports – unsuccessful, but karate make her feel good and strong and positive and she feel she can also be good in something.

She trains hard and she dreams of being as good as Sensei JP one day. Her dream is to be the best female blackbelt for her age group one day.

Miane during a zoom session

Thank you for participating in her dreams. During and prior to as well as post lockdown!